Brooke R. Calder

Brooke R. Calder is an author, birth mother and vocalist.

Boston born, Brooke grew up between the United States and Zimbabwe, Africa, and currently resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota with her husband Dr. Simon Calder.

A former journalist for Pulse and published under assorted nom de plumes, Calder began her career as a songwriter, eventually sharing credits with Phil Solem (The Rembrandts), Rick McCollum (The Afghan Whigs), Ricardo Autobahn (The Cuban Boys), Monte Moir (The Time) and a tiny video stint with Prince.

When she isn’t wildly scribbling notes for her next book, she’s a fan of archaeology, art, cinema as well as reading, identifying most closely with the works of Agatha Christie, Arthur JanovBaz LuhrmannCharlie Chaplin, Dalai LamaEmily DickinsonFred RogersJean CocteauP.G. Wodehouse, Warren Ellis, as well as science fiction icons J.G.Ballard and William Gibson.

In Praise of Men is Brooke’s first foray in Non-Fiction and arrives Summer 2017.  To Co-Publish this book, please visit:


Bio by: Astrid Young